From February 1, our Service Center accepts for diagnosis and repair charging stations - EcoFlow, Bluetii, Flashfish, CTECHi, Jackery Explorer, Pecron, 3e, Doberman

Repair of mobile phones and smartphones

It is impossible to imagine the life of a modern person without a mobile phone. This universal connection is firmly entrenched in human life and has become indispensable. But mobile phones, which are constantly used, often get mechanical damage. They are thrown into the water, hit, scratched and loaded with information as much as possible: various games, clips and network contacts. That is why mobile phone repair is such a popular service. The demand for fast and high-quality repair services for all modern gadgets is constantly and steadily growing. But despite this popularity, repair prices are not rising. For example, smartphone repair in Kyiv is quite affordable and acceptable for all social strata.

The cost of repairs depends entirely on the cost of spare parts, the amount of work and urgency, which is paid at a special rate. The price list for all types of services is almost fixed throughout Ukraine, which allows consumers to contact the nearest digital repair shop. For example, this company repairs iPhones and other equipment at minimum rates in record time and at the highest professional level. The most common and popular service is the repair of Chinese phones, as this manufacturer occupies a leading position in the Ukrainian consumer market. These phones have a stylish design and relatively low cost. But, unfortunately, inferior in quality to other manufacturers.

The most common repair is the replacement of the screen or sensor of a mobile phone, which primarily suffers from collisions with other objects. In any case, the repair of smartphones in Kiev is more appropriate than buying a new one, because during the repair all the smallest components are perfectly adjusted, which significantly extends the service life. New phones can have any assembly defects and therefore break more often than copies repaired by specialists. For example, changing the display of a mobile phone will be inexpensive, and the phone will last for many years after that. So, it is much cheaper to repair a phone than to buy a new one.

We provide warranty repairs for the following mobile phone manufacturers: Sony, Asus, Huawei, Xiaomi, Nokia.

Inexpensive paid phone repairs are possible for most manufacturers operating in the Ukrainian market, such as: Apple (Iphone), Lenovo, Samsung, etc.

Also, in our service center it is possible to repair the following equipment: Communicators, CDMA phones, Bluetooth headsets, 3G modems, GSM, CDMA, Radio phones, corded phones, Walkie-talkies, Other communication equipment.

If you want to repair your equipment, we will always be glad to see you at the address: Kyiv, Rayduzhna, 25B
tel:0-800-211-501, 0-800-211-499

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