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Repair of TVs and monitors

Repair of TVs

It is impossible to find a house without a TV. He is often called a favorite family member. And in most apartments there is a TV in every room, including the kitchen. Such a large number of them is caused by different tastes and priority hobbies of all family members. While the wife watches her TV series in the kitchen, the husband enjoys sports programs, and the children enjoy cartoons, music videos, science fiction and various shows. No one prevents anyone from enjoying their favorite shows and there is peace and quiet in the family until one of the TVs breaks down. Therefore, the service of repairing TVs in Kiev is more than relevant and in demand, taking into account the fact that with the breakdown of your favorite entertainment equipment immediately becomes boring. And if the TV in the house in a single copy, then its breakdown - a global catastrophe. This TV workshop offers highly professional services for the repair of TVs of all generations and brands, as quickly as possible, high quality and relatively inexpensive.

Telemaster Kyiv workshop is equipped with all the necessary diagnostic and repair equipment, the team consists of competent engineers, which guarantees the highest quality of repairs. Skilled craftsmen repair Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony and other foreign-made TVs. They have spare parts for imported TVs, which are purchased directly from the manufacturer's dealers, which significantly reduces the cost of repairs. To repair the TV cheaply, it is recommended to use the services of this TV workshop, it will provide an optimally high level of service. And, to carry the TV to a workshop it is necessary only in case of serious breakage which elimination demands the special repair equipment.

Most often, the master carries out repairs at home. The TV workshop also repairs plasma and LCD TVs, which are not repaired by all masters, citing the complexity of the work and lack of equipment. Of course, lcd TV can be repaired only by a true professional, who has to follow all the innovations, carefully study their technical and functional features. This workshop even replaces the TV matrix, which in itself indicates a high level of competence of the masters and a complete set of all necessary spare parts and equipment.

Warranty and inexpensive paid repair of TVs is possible for most manufacturers operating in the Ukrainian market, such as Blaupunkt, Nokia, Hisense, Sharp, Thomson, Toshiba, TCL, Xiaomi.

About the possibility of repairing equipment from other manufacturers, check with the manager by phone: 0-800-504-504 

Repair of monitors

Modern electronic technology has entered the life of a civilized person so strongly that its slightest breakdown is literally a catastrophe. That is why such a service as repair of monitors in Kyiv is important and relevant. Especially since the affordable cost of repairs in this workshop, makes it even more popular and indispensable. Professional monitor repair requires not only high qualification, but also additional diagnostic and repair equipment, which allows you to quickly and efficiently carry out any type of repair. It is possible to repair the Samsung monitor or the monitor of any other trade mark both at home, and in a workshop. It all depends on the type of failure and the availability of the necessary equipment, most of which is not portable.

The cost of repair services depends entirely on the cost of spare parts and the amount of work performed. But on average, repairing LCD monitors without replacing expensive components is as cheap as possible, compared to the prices of other repair shops. This fact is quite unique for the capital, with its high prices for all types of services due to extremely high demand. A true professional will be able to quickly and accurately identify all the typical faults of LCD monitors and eliminate them. The most common failure is an inverter failure that is on the same board as the power supply. Much less often the main board with the microprocessor and the matrix itself becomes unusable. Therefore, replacing the monitor matrix is ​​not the most common repair service. You can troubleshoot the inverter and even replace the matrix at home.

Therefore, if the monitor is broken, do not panic, just call a competent technician from this repair company and in a couple of hours the computer will be working. In addition to performing any type of repair, the employees of the repair company can carry out preventive maintenance of computers at the request of the owner in any office or home. Every self-respecting company enters into a business agreement with a repair shop that maintains office equipment. Such prevention significantly extends the life of electronic equipment, and such a service as repair of monitors becomes unnecessary for a long time.

Warranty and inexpensive paid repairs monitors is possible for most manufacturers operating in the Ukrainian market, such as Samsung, NEC.

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