From February 1, our Service Center accepts for diagnosis and repair charging stations - EcoFlow, Bluetii, Flashfish, CTECHi, Jackery Explorer, Pecron, 3e, Doberman

After warranty repair

Service center "KROK-TTC" has full support from the manufacturer, which includes technical support necessary for the repair of technological and specific equipment, trained highly qualified personnel, service documentation. We advise you to entrust the repair of your equipment to those who have extensive experience in repair and the trust of equipment manufacturers.

If the warranty on your equipment has already expired or the device has failed due to violation of the rules of operation, you can use the service of our service center. For this purpose it is necessary to bring faulty equipment to us in the service center or to order serviceFrom home to repair, so we can pick up your mobile device for repair.

Rules of repair:

  • When carrying out repairs, we use original parts. Terms of paid repairs are minimal and depend on the complexity of the work and the availability of the necessary spare parts in the service center.
  • To determine the cause of the device failure, we perform free diagnostics and announce the cost of repairs. If the device is repaired and damaged by moisture, the device may partially or completely fail due to progressive corrosion, for which the service center is not responsible.
  • The total cost of repairs is agreed with the client and after the repair and passing the technical control department, payment is made upon receipt of the device (in the service center or courier department when sending postage) or funds are transferred by cashless payment.
  • The warranty on replaced original parts is 3 months.
  • The warranty for the work performed is 1 month.

Terms of service provision by the "KROK-TTC" service center

  • The product is accepted by the service center for technical diagnostics, which is necessary to determine the type, as well as the need and possibility of repair. Based on the results of the diagnostics, the product is sent for repair, the type of which is set as "Warranty repair" or "Paid repair".
  • In the event that during the diagnostics, the defect declared by the consumer did not appear - the product is not repaired and the product is returned to the consumer in the state "Without repair".
  • The service center has the right to deny the consumer warranty service/repair if, as a result of the product diagnostics, violations of the terms of the manufacturer's warranty are detected.
  • Maintenance/repair of the accepted equipment is carried out in accordance with the list of mandatory works defined by the manufacturer for each specific case. Neither the manufacturer nor the service center is responsible for direct or indirect damages related to the loss of user data and settings stored in the device memory (internal or removable), if the deletion of such data during maintenance/repair is inevitable.
  • The service center is not responsible for the integrity and preservation of the SIM card, memory card, stylus, straps, any jewelry and other accessories except when the presence of any accessory is determined by the requirements of diagnostics and/or repair. A note about the acceptance of such an accessory will be entered in receipt, and the accessory itself is accepted for safekeeping by the service center.
  • When receiving the product, it is agreed that in the event of a possible delay in the delivery of spare parts, and/or in the event of the need for technically complex repair, testing and/or adjustment of the product in the conditions of a specialized repair company, the term for troubleshooting may exceed 14 days, but not more than 45 days (according to Clause 9 of Article 8, Part 1 of Article 15 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights").
  • The product is issued from the service center upon presentation of this receipt. In the case of loss of the receipt, the product is issued upon a written application of the person who submitted the product for repair with presentation of his/her passport (in accordance with clause 22 of the Rules of Household Service, approved by Resolution of the CMU No. 313 dated 16.05.1994 and the Resolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine dated September 2, 1993 No. 3423-XII)
  • If the consumer refuses service/repair of the product carried out on a paid basis, he is obliged to pay for diagnostics according to the current price list (on the basis of clause 34 of the Rules for household service, approved by Resolution of the CMU No. 313 dated 16.05.1994).
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  • By signing this receipt, the consumer consents to the processing of his personal data by KROC-TTC LLC (According to the Law "On Protection of Personal Data" dated June 1, 2010 No. 2297-UI)
  • The consumer is obliged to receive the Product at the Krok-TTC service center within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the moment of telephone and/or SMS notification (on the phone number specified in the Receipt) about the completion of repair work. A preferential (free) period of 30 (thirty) calendar days is established for the storage of the Consumer's Goods. After the end of the grace period, payment for the storage of the Consumer's Goods is established in the amount of UAH 50.00. (fifty hryvnias 00 kopecks) for each day of storage. The total storage period cannot be more than six months, from the date of receipt of the notice of completion of work (provision of Services), in the form of telephone and/or SMS notification (to the telephone number specified in the Receipt). After the expiration of the six-month storage period for the Consumer's Goods, the Consumer's two-time notification of completion of work (provision of Services) by telephone and/or SMS notification (to the telephone number specified in the Receipt), the Goods specified in the Receipt are considered unclaimed by the Consumer and indicate a refusal to ownership of this Product in favor of the Contractor, according to Art. 347 of the Civil Code of Ukraine.
This information is provided to the consumer in accordance with Part 1 of Article 15 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Consumer Rights", Clause 5 of Clause 25 of the Household Service Rules.

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