From February 1, our Service Center accepts for diagnosis and repair charging stations - EcoFlow, Bluetii, Flashfish, CTECHi, Jackery Explorer, Pecron, 3e, Doberman

Repair of cooking surfaces

Cooking panels appeared on the consumer market of Ukraine relatively recently and immediately gained popularity. This innovative technique is incredibly compact, functional and aesthetic design, which is important for creating an elegant, stylish and aesthetic kitchen interior.

The gas or electric hob helps to save free space, which was previously occupied by a huge, compared to the scale of the room, the stove. The modern induction hob is placed on the kitchen counter and blends harmoniously with the overall interior. It is functional and economical, which allows its owners to cook quickly without consuming large amounts of gas or electricity. Professional repair of cooking surfaces in Kiev is carried out by this service center, which has all the necessary equipment and a full staff of competent, certified engineers.

Such a high level of staff and the availability of all necessary devices, materials and spare parts allow you to repair induction hobs as quickly and efficiently as possible. The cost of repair services depends on many factors, including the time, volume of work and cost of spare parts. But on average, repairs are relatively cheap, given that the price list of services of this service center is quite democratic. Urgent repair of hobs is paid at a separate rate and costs a little more than usual, but most citizens prefer urgent repairs. Which is quite understandable, given that it is difficult to live without hot food, especially if the family has children, and without a hob can not cook.

Therefore, such a service as repair of the hob is quite relevant and in demand, especially since the cost is quite acceptable for any average Ukrainian. The stove can be considered one of the most popular and important types of home appliances, due to its high functionality. Therefore, the panel, the repair of which is relatively cheap, and the benefits of use are undeniable, is in high demand among consumers. Most citizens have already thrown away bulky stoves, replacing them with aesthetic and economical hobs.

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